White Women CAN Jump
Destiny, Kaitlynn, Eve, Alyssa and Jeanie pound on Rudy! He gets trampled by all five girls at once, verbally humiliated and they even take turns jumping off the fireplace onto his ribs! Rudy has to endure 5 pair of feet with stiletto heels smashing and grinding his body into bits!
Sunny and Blair
Sunny and Blair have drugged some guy at a bar and now they're going to torture him under their heels! They both stand on him at the same time and dig their heels into his ribs, stomach and chest! He's gonna be sore tomorrow, that is if he lives through this trample ordeal!
Mya and Rex
Mya looks gorgeous as she stands on Rex's pathetic face in her heels. She stands on his body, but really spends a lot of time standing on his face, in heels and barefoot. You don't know whether to feel bad for Rex or to envy him for having such a hot, bitchy woman trampling the shit out of him!

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